What are the dangerous goods that can be exported from Shanghai Port?

"At present, Shanghai Port can operate Class 2.1, Class 2.2, Class 2.3, Class 3, Class 4.1, Class 4.2, Class 4.3, Class 5.1, Class 5.2, Class 6.1, Class 8, and Class 9 dangerous goods, basically covering all Dangerous goods categories, coupled with mature operation and supervision mechanisms, from East China to the central and western regions, from North China to Northwest China, from South China to Southwest China, basically all dangerous goods exporters in China can choose Shanghai Port as a dangerous goods export port.

1. Names and UN of nine common types of dangerous goods:

UN3268, Airbag

UN3480, Lithium-ion battery pack

UN3481, Lithium-ion batteries contained in equipment or lithium-ion batteries packed with equipment

UN3536, Lithium batteries in cargo transport assemblies, Lithium battery energy storage cabinets, Lithium battery energy storage systems

UN2211, Polystyrene beads

2. Documents required for the export of nine types of dangerous goods by sea:

1. Booking

Booking Power of Attorney: In addition to the consignor and consignee information, the most important thing is to describe the gross weight, net weight and packaging form of a single piece, and the number of inner packages.

(Note that the export booking of dangerous goods needs to be made ten days in advance, and the booking data of dangerous goods must be accurate and cannot be changed)

2. English MSDS

English MSDS (ship owners will focus on physical and chemical properties and transportation items, which are qualitative and naturally know how to focus on operations during transportation)

With the booking power of attorney and MSDS, you can book the dangerous goods space.

3. Dangerous package certificate

(It mainly includes the performance sheet and the use certificate. The performance sheet is relatively simple. Generally, manufacturers who can make regular packaging can provide it. However, the use certificate is more complicated.

       4. Dangerous declaration

The next step is to make a dangerous goods declaration. According to the requirements of different shipping companies and shipping agencies, you can submit the declaration materials before the latest deadline. The dangerous declaration is mainly about reviewing the packaging, so the most critical document is the dangerous package certificate.

Dangerous declaration materials: original dangerous package certificate, English MSDS, packing list, packing certificate, declaration power of attorney

5. Prepare for transportation and packing matters, which is an important part

This link can be divided into two operation modes: warehouse interior and factory gate point trailer

(1) If it is installed in the warehouse, you need to make a warehouse entry notice and confirm with the customer the time of delivery to the warehouse

(2) If the factory gate is tow trucks, it must be transported by a fleet with dangerous goods qualifications. The driver must be an experienced and old dangerous goods truck driver to complete the drop-off safely and timely.

When transporting in a group, a special person should be designated to be responsible for unified command, and a safe distance should be maintained between vehicles. When parking the vehicle, you should strictly choose the parking place, keep away from high-voltage power supply, fire source and high temperature and other places, and isolate it from other vehicles and leave a special person to take care of it.

6. Customs declaration

Customs declaration power of attorney, packing list, declaration elements, professional dangerous goods carriers will always pay attention to the acceptance of the plan and declare at the best time.

7. Issue a bill of lading

After the ship has sailed, take the bill of lading to pay, and confirm with the consignee whether to issue the original bill of lading or telegraphic release. After the ship arrives at the port of destination, the consignee can arrange customs clearance to pick up the goods.

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