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Our advantages

1. Our advantages

Professional and efficient carrier We have established deep cooperative relationships with major shipping companies around the world, such as MAERSK, MSC, CMA, HPL... According to the rules and regulations of international dangerous goods transportation,

Arrange for a specialized carrier for pickup and delivery, and can provide special packaging and labeling of dangerous goods, as well as prepare all necessary relevant shipping documents.

Experienced and reliable team

We grow in an ever-changing market, constantly learning and staying on top of the latest regulations regarding the transportation of dangerous goods around the world. We have a professional team, they are in shipping,

Trained and certified in both air and land transport of dangerous goods. This enables us to provide you with a complete supply chain service. And make sure your cargo is handled safely and properly.

According to the differentiated needs of each customer, we provide you with a full range of services and tailor-made solutions. Our professional team always gives you reliable support!

2. Dangerous goods handled by CSD:

Class 2:Gases & Aerosols, such as air fresheners, refrigerants, carbon dioxide gas...

Class 3:Paints, resins, lubricants...

Class 4:Yellow phosphorus, aluminum powder...

Class 5:Hydrogen peroxide, bleaching powder...

Class 6:Aniline, TDI, Arsenic...

Class 7:Krypton-85 balance inert gas

Class 8:Sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid...

Class 9:Dry Ice, Lithium Batteries...




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